Kassetter som utgått!

Här en lista på alla Kassetter som utgått, men många kan man fortfarande hitta på eBay. (Källa:Cricut Cartridge Library)


Om bat3

My name is Marie and I live I Sweden, I have always had a strong interest in creating with color’s … I has painted pottery for many years but since September 2007 have I started Stamping and Scrapbooking. I have always had a fascination for paper so it is strange that I have not started sooner!?! Cut paper and glue have I a bin doing since I was a small girl, but never called it scrapbooking before. I wanted to paint with watercolors and when I then thought I was worthless at drawing stamping was a grate way. Now I have started to draw and discovered that I am not so bad at it that I thought. Regardless of that, I am addicted to rubber stamps… My other interests are my family, wool, audio books, paper craft, pottery painting, cookbook, American football and my team is the STEELERS! I am married and have two children a girl born 1998 and a boy born 2000. The boy has Down’s syndrome. I have dyslexia, so I'm sure I going to drop a letter now and then ... and even misspell but I cannot help it THAT IS ME!
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